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Use this handy calculator to estimate road base for your driveway, soil for your new lawn, decorative rock for the planters, or sand for the horse arena.
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The weight in tons displayed by this calculator is an estimate based on the average cubic yard to ton conversion for each material. Some products are very heavy, like large river cobbles, while others like decorative lava rock are light in weight.

When estimating your needs consider that the larger loads are more cost effective. A truck and trailer combination, or "Transfer" can haul about 24 tons. While just the truck or "10 wheeler"can carry about 13 tons.

If the calculation shows you need 21 tons of road base why not go for the full 24 and make the material just a little deeper or maybe wider?

The delivery charges will be the same amount so you can get that extra material for just the cost of the rock - usually just a few more dollars

How about splitting the load with a neighbor? Sometimes 2 different materials can be delivered to 2 different customers and each can save on delivery.
Try our new material calculator!
Material calculator
Estimate the amount of material your project will require!


Weight (In Tons)









Truck and trailer combination
Also known as a "Transfer" or as the old timers would call a "Slam-Bang" for the noises made during the dumping process.
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