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Horse Arena Sand
***writers note: This is a generic look at arena sand. I have learned that horse lovers can be very opinionated and few agree on much of anything. The statements below represent feedback we have received over the years of supplying the hobby.
Equestrian facilities require unique sand specifications. The different riding disciplines (western, english, cutting, jumping)  have different needs and individual riders have different desires for sand footing.
Common to all is the need for clean, washed sand. The washing process removes the small particles that otherwise would become airborne dust. That same dust would cause the sand to become  compacted  and uncomfortable as a riding surface.
A good way to visuallize this is to think of the beach. Is the beach dusty? Is the beach sand hard or does it move under foot (hoof)?
Beach sand is washed by nature.
These qualities are ideal by most riders and trainers standards.
The differences will be the size or grade of sand. Very fine to the very coarse.
WARNING: If you do much research on the internet (what are you doing here?) you will see recommendations for material that is common only to the region where the article is written. You may see recommendations for industrial byproducts, mine tailings, desert sand etc.
We could bring you material from East of the Mississippi because someone said that was the ONLY thing to use. And we would be happy to take your money, but we have some of the best sand anywhere. Stick to what is available in the local market and save your money for new tack!
Several of the popular sands are sampled at our Placerville location. Refer to our service area map for delivery.
River sand
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White sand
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